Kara PracharMathematics
Milford, Iowa

Making it count
Kara is coupling her mathematics major with a secondary education endorsement and a minor in cultural studies. When she’s not solving problems or writing proofs, she is organizing prayer labyrinths with discipleship coordinators, serving with the ministry group Justice Matters and assisting with prayer events for the worship team. Kara has plans to serve as a resident assistant and join Northwestern’s International Club. With a study abroad trip to Romania already under her belt, Kara intends to get the most mileage out of her time at Northwestern.

Infinite possibilities
A lot of people just assume that majoring in math with a secondary education endorsement means I have to be a high school math teacher. But Northwestern opened my eyes to opportunities I never thought I could have within the mathematics field. I grew up in Chicago and I saw the education system run like an assembly line—students are pushed through and they either pass or fail. My dream is to work within an organization that aims to help students understand the importance of their education and shows them that they are cared for.

Tight knit
The math department is full of fantastic teachers and advisers that care about each student. But what I love most is that we are a very close group. Once you take one math class, there is no way that you can walk into another without knowing someone. I truly cherish the friends I’ve gained in the math department; we help each other, we rely on each other and throughout the year, we grow together.

Greatest common denominator
There is a word that is often used when describing Northwestern College: community. That word is the reason I fell in love with the college. My sister had decided to attend Northwestern, and when I came to visit her, I realized community is not just an idea they're trying to sell you; this truly is a place to call home.

Prime numbers
One thing that had a huge effect on my freshman year was the small class sizes and the availability of my adviser. A lot of my friends who attended other colleges got lost in the shuffle during their first years. At Northwestern, that isn't even an option. My adviser checked in with me to make sure I was doing well in all of my classes. The professors know you personally and they want you to succeed.

Formula for fun
Even though Northwestern is located in a small town in Iowa, I've never been bored here. One of my favorite memories during the school year was going out on Friday night at midnight with a group of friends and doing “Walk of Chalk” by the chapel. We took chalk and drew artwork on the sidewalks and afterwards we climbed trees and went on a donut run. I've gained friendships that will last a lifetime and made memories I’ll never forget.