Mathematicians are creative. They find solutions for old problems—and discover new problems as well. You’ll see evidence of God as you study math at Northwestern because mathematical laws describe the workings of the universe—and its divine order and constancy.

Northwestern’s math department offers 4 study options:


Northwestern’s full-time math faculty all hold doctorates in specializations that range from math education to Fourier-Feynman Transforms. Their investment in their students includes a math scholarship they personally funded.

Success stats

Northwestern is 1 of just 84 colleges or universities nationwide with an “undergraduate-advanced” actuarial science classification from the Society of Actuaries (and only 3 CCCU schools meet that classification). Our actuarial science students have a 93% first-time pass rate on each of the first two actuarial exams and an 77% first-time pass rate on all 8 exams.