• General fees

  • Enrollment deposit (refundable until May 1) $100
    Orientation fee $50
    Technology fee (full-time students) $100/semester
    Technology fee (part-time students) $75/semester
    Graduation fee $100
  • Service fees

  • Additional copy of diploma charge $10
    Course-by-arrangement fee $100/credit
    Credential file service fee $10
    Late course change fee $10
    Lost check reissue fee $15
    Monthly payment plan fee $25/semester
    Parking permit, on-campus student $50/semester
    Parking permit, commuter student $25/semester
    Transcript charge for overnight mailing $25
    Transcript fee for non-completers $5
  • Course fees

  • Art
    Studio fee for art courses $50/studio
    Private music lessons/recitals $340/credit
    Summer music lessons (2015) $300/credit
    Summer music lessons (2016) $310/credit
    Lab fee for general education science courses $50/lab
    Lab fee for courses in science major $100/lab
    Study abroad
    Study abroad/off-campus program fee $50
  • Nursing program fees

  • BSN (on-campus degree program) 2014–15 2015–16
    Enrollment deposit for BSN nursing students (for fall ’16, refundable until April 1) $550
    NUR 280 software fee $350 $275
    Clinical fee (for last 6 semesters) $225 $225
    Fee for NUR 320, 360, 430 and 480 (per course) $95 $100
    RN to BSN (online degree-completion program) 2015–16
    Virtual nursing laboratory (NUR 280A) $100
    LiveText ePortfolio (NUR 310A) $100
    ATI Exam (NUR 440A, NUR 460A) $40
All tuition waiver and tuition exchange students must pay applicable fees.

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