Renata Bitoy ’19

Helping children reach their potential

As a working single mother, it wasn't an any easy choice to go back to school, but, with the help of outstanding NWC instructors, Renata persevered and achieved her goals and strengthened her impact on young lives.

What was your experience in Northwestern’s B.A. Early Childhood experience like?

Attending Northwestern College has been one of my best online college experiences.  As a single mother of two children ages sixteen and twelve, it is challenging to be a student, a mother, and a provider. Going through our daily lives sometimes gets very stressful, discouraging and it can be easy to want to give up. However, Northwestern's compassionate, understanding and encouraging instructors are the reason why I have achieved my goals of earning a bachelor’s degree in Early Childhood Education. Many of the instructors are very understanding of the circumstances of my life and have been supportive in striking a balance between work, family, and education. This understanding and compassion have been helpful when parental emergencies and work obligations arise that make it challenging to keep up with my academic studies.

How have you grown throughout your program? 

My knowledge and professional experience have developed over the course being with Northwestern College.  I have stronger confidence in my commitment to education, feel more effective professionally and have more profound, complex relationships with my students and their families which makes me a much more capable teacher.

What impact has your program had on your career and abilities?

Northwestern education influenced my career by increasing my knowledge, creativity, understanding, and passion in the early childhood field.

The program helped me to better define the impact I expect to have, which is to produce confidence and perseverance in myself and other staff to help children excel to their full potential.

What would you say to someone considering completing their bachelor's degree in early childhood?

If you are working and have a busy schedule but still want to attend school, then this flexible online program at Northwestern is the way to go. The professors and staff truly all want you to succeed in your education, and they are there to help you!