Megan Kramer

Setting the foundation

In her nine-year career as an early childhood teacher, Megan has used what she learned at Northwestern College to engage and inspire the youngest learners, setting a strong educational foundation for them in her role as a head teacher in preschool, aftercare and summer care settings.

Why work in early childhood education?

I love building relationships with the children—creating activities that will help them understand new concepts and develop the social-emotional aspect. We give the children a voice and tools to use in social conflicts or managing emotions to become independent in problem-solving and self-control. I enjoy setting the foundation for their education. The look on their faces when they have “aha” moments is priceless!

What did appreciate about your Northwestern experience?

The professors have a close relationship with students and they go above and beyond to help you succeed. I felt they over-prepared us so when the time came to teach in our own classrooms, it felt very natural and comfortable. With my bachelor’s degree, I am very versatile because I work with preschoolers during the day, spend the afternoon with school-aged children, and on Fridays, I’m available to sub in area schools for grades TK-6.


What encouragement would you give someone considering an online bachelor's degree in early childhood?

You should do it! I love that each day is a new adventure with children; it’s never the same. At this age, they love coming to school and their enthusiasm is contagious! They will give you 110%.