Theatre programs

Students say the collaborative, excellence-oriented environment of Northwestern’s theatre program is unlike anything they’ve ever experienced. The program’s goal is to help you as a theatre artist develop your creative gifts for service in God’s kingdom. That will happen as you:

  • Commit to ensemble work
  • Emphasize process over product
  • Cultivate a servant’s heart in every role

Writing your own lines

Northwestern’s program offers a unique playwriting focus with courses in one-act and full-length script writing. The annual World Premiere Festival is a chance for student playwrights to see their own work on stage.

Christian Theatre Ministries

The career concentration in Christian theatre ministries requires that a student major in theatre at Northwestern. This career concentration prepares a student for work in Christian theatre. This could involve working as a theatre director in a church or working with one of the many professional Christian theatre companies throughout the United States.

An important aspect of the career concentration is the internship experience. Students will be placed according to their particular area of interest. If you desire to work in church theatre, you may choose to intern in either a local congregation or one out of the area. If a Christian theatre group is your preference, Northwestern will help make arrangements with one of the numerous companies.

Required courses
Completion of theatre major
MUS 115AE - Music of the Church
THE 305 - Story and Worship
Choose 4 credits:
THE 133 - Ballet
THE 135 - Jazz Dance
THE 260 - Drama Ministries Ensemble
THE 315 - Acting: Scene Work
Choose one course: 2-8
THE 405 - Practicum in Christian Theatre
THE 417 - Internship
Total credits required beyond major: 13-19

Note: Internships range from 2-12 credits. The maximum credits applied to the major is noted under the 417 course designation.