Graduate success

Northwestern theatre graduates live all over the U.S., acting, directing, designing and writing plays. From a New York playwright to an acclaimed Chicago “scene stealer” to an actor who appeared on screen during the Sundance Film Festival, Northwestern theatre alumni have dramatic roles.

Recent graduates

Ali Sondreal '13
Master's student, University of East London
United Kingdom

Andrew Stam '13
House manager, Lifeline Theatre
Chicago, IL

Dan Sikkema '12
Instructor, Arthur Murray Dance Studio
Chicago, IL

Renee Ausborn '11
Bible, French, history and speech teacher, Cono Christian School
Walker, IA

Greta Hays '11
Publicist, Arena Stage at the Mead Center for American Theater
Washington, DC

Baylie Heims '10
Freelance theatre technician
Seattle, WA

Phil Kosakowski '09
Director of technical arts, The Ransom Church
Sioux Falls, SD

Elizabeth Wasylik '09
Executive director, Black Dirt Theatre
Hastings, MN