History programs

History Major

HIS 150 - Introduction to Historical Inquiry
HIS 201 - History of the United States to 1865
HIS 202 - History of the United States from 1865
HIS 435 - Philosophy of History and Historiography
History Electives: 10 credits
Choose one course: 4
HIS 320 - Topics in European/World History
HIS 326 - Modern Europe
HIS 327 - Nazi Germany and the Shoah
HIS 328 - History of Medieval Europe
Choose one course: 4
HIS 351 - Topics in American History
HIS 357 - Civil War and Reconstruction
HIS 358 - The American West
Total credits required: 32


Student may choose one course from art history (ART120, 122) and/or one course from church history (REL280, 382) to count toward history electives in the major.

For the history teaching major students must take 16 credits of American history and 16 credits of European/world history. Students majoring in history education must also complete the requirements of the secondary education program (see education department listing for requirements).