Adam RamirezHistory
Mexico City

Having a blast with the past
Adam is combining his history major with a second major in religion. After college he plans to either attend seminary or earn a graduate degree in Latin American history and explore the intersection of religion and contemporary political and social issues in order to promote peace and justice. He eventually would like to be a college professor or work at a research institution. At Northwestern Adam participates in the Ethnic Fair and other events organized by the International Club, as well as in the student club HPNW (Hispanic People of Northwestern).

His story
I had great history teachers in middle and high school, which helped motivate me to study for my classes and get good grades. I like reading history, maps and world almanacs in my spare time. Also, my family has traveled and moved around significantly, and that sparked an interest in the world’s cultures and in asking why, when and where things happened.

Personal profs
My professors are passionate about history. They’re very engaging and really want you to be part of the process of historical reflection. I appreciate their openness. They’re not only interested in discussing academic topics—they want to get to know me on a personal level as well.

Prep school
Being a history major has given me the tools for historical analysis and an appreciation for investigative rigor. It’s preparing me for my future career with the research tools necessary for grad school.

Leading the way
At Northwestern I’m constantly inspired by the leadership of others and encouraged to take on leadership roles myself, whether it’s in a mentoring relationship, discipleship group or campus organization. I help lead the college’s Spanish Chapel once a month. It’s an opportunity to see friends, practice the songs, and encourage more Spanish speakers in the community to participate in our service.

Looking back
I really appreciate Northwestern’s sense of community. I’ve gained wonderful friends who are committed to Christ and to learning all they can about the world and their field of study. I’ve also grown spiritually and in my conviction to work for Jesus and his kingdom.