Education programs

Northwestern’s education department is one of only 4 in Iowa that’s NCATE accredited, which means you can be immediately certified in most states. It’s also recommended in Rugg’s Recommendations on the Colleges as a top program that attracts top students. NWC’s program emphasizes performance-based education, a national movement that evaluates the teaching abilities of future teachers. That’s why, in addition to your course work, you’ll spend plenty of time in area classrooms and other educational settings—over 100 hours—before you even student teach.

Early Childhood Education Endorsement

Requirements for certification for preschool through grade 3. (Also requires the completion of the elementary education major.) An online option of the Unified Early Childhood endorsement is available for those who hold or are eligible to hold certification in Elementary Education. Please contact the Education department for details.

EDU 229 - Introduction to Early Childhood
EDU 230 - Organization and Administration of Early Childhood Programs
EDU 314 - Working with Parents
EDU 319 - Communication and Collaborative Partnerships for Special Educators
EDU 407 - Early Childhood Student Teaching
Cognate requirements
KIN 101 - Concepts of Physical Fitness
KIN 104 - First Aid
Total credits required: 16-17

Note: Requires certification in Infant CPR and First Aid.