Katherine WhiteElementary education major
Story City, Iowa

Headed for school
From her experience working at a daycare while in high school, Katherine knew she wanted to spend her life as an educator. She loves being able to be involved as young children learn and grow. She could see herself teaching lower elementary, operating a bilingual preschool or teaching English abroad, so she is preparing by earning endorsements in early childhood, reading, teaching English as a second language, and special education. She has also served as a resident assistant in Fern Smith Hall and the Courtyard Village.

School choice
Northwestern was the only college I applied to because I knew it was where God was calling me to be. I first heard about Northwestern from a friend who attended. She told me how much she loved Northwestern, and I knew I needed to visit. After visiting, I felt an overwhelming sense of belonging. I LOVED everything about it! I was especially drawn to its foundations in faith, from classes to campus life. I was also impressed by Northwestern’s national accreditation for the education program.

Model teachers
I so appreciate the education professors. They go above and beyond to give us the best possible training. They truly care about each of us. They are so experienced and are great models of the type of teacher I hope to be someday. And I feel blessed that they intentionally integrate faith in the classroom.

In the classroom
The education department offers us so much hands-on experience. I love that my classes actually have us spending time with kids. Whether it’s teaching a lesson at the elementary school or tutoring at an after-school program, the lessons I’ve learned have been extremely valuable. Our professors emphasize the importance of hands-on learning and then they practice what they teach. It’s amazing!

Lessons for life
My favorite part of my classes is the life lessons I have learned. The professors are incredibly wise and share that wisdom with us. I feel I have learned and grown so much that whatever my future holds for me, I will be prepared.

Complete package
Northwestern has helped me gain so much more than an education. I now have the confidence to take risks and get involved in new activities and experiences. I have built friendships that will last a lifetime. And I have made great connections to people and resources that will help me in my future career and life.