Jake Gervais ’24

Making a Difference

Jake is passionate about caring for others well and making a difference in their lives. A PA career and Northwestern's program were both a natural fit to do just that. Becoming a PA will allow Jake to walk alongside patients on their health journey, helping them to reach their goals. He shares that he will find joy in making a positive impact in his patient's lives and the PA profession.

Why did you choose Northwestern?

The program’s caring faculty, positive atmosphere, and faith-based principles won me over right from the interview process. After my initial interaction with the faculty and staff, I knew Northwestern was a place that would not only shape me into an excellent provider but would help me grow as a person as well.   

How do you feel Northwestern stands out as a PA program?

Northwestern is located in a rural community, showcasing the need for healthcare in these areas. PAs can make a positive impact on underserved populations, which is something Northwestern emphasizes. Additionally, I have seen and felt how the faculty genuinely care about me and do everything they can to help me succeed.

How have you experienced growth professionally and personally as a result of your Northwestern experience?

From the first day of classes, our faculty have emphasized that we are no longer just students, but medical professionals in training. Adopting this mindset has helped shift my focus from simply learning material for exams, to applying that knowledge and understanding the impact it will have in the lives of my future patients. Going through the challenges and triumphs has helped me grow as an individual as well, becoming more grounded in who I am, both personally and professionally.

How do you see your Northwestern education preparing you for your career as a PA?

Northwestern has reiterated time and time again that being a PA is not simply having knowledge of the medical field or being able to pass a test. It’s knowing how to be a good provider. Knowing how to build rapport with patients. Knowing how to care for the patient as a whole. While Northwestern’s rigorous curriculum is preparing me for passing the PANCE and future board exams, they are helping me develop into a caring provider. I am also given constant feedback on what I am doing well, and what I can do to progress to the next level. All of this is preparing me as I move forward toward becoming a PA.