Emma Bengtson ’23

Caregiver and Patient Advocate

Emma wants to make a difference in this world by educating her patients, empowering them to use their voice for their health needs. Northwestern's faith integrated program equips her to provide holistic health care, caring for her patients' physical, mental and spiritual wellbeing.

Why do you want to become a PA?

I want to provide patient-centered care by educating patients on anatomy, disease processes, and treatment options so they feel empowered to make medical decisions centered around their beliefs and wants. This profession allows to give back to a rural area where there is a need for health care providers. I hope to make make an impact through the holistic care I provide, caring for patients' physical and spiritual health. I truly want to make a difference in this world by caring for patients, regardless of background, and giving a voice to patients.

What makes Northwestern's PA program standout? 

We have professors that are truly focused on the students and do everything possible to prepare us for becoming an outstanding PA. The program incorporates system-based learning where we learn about the same organ system in each class at the same time, and it a Christian program where we have the ability to incorporate Christian beliefs into providing healthcare. Also, throughout this program, we have learned multiple procedures that we have been able to practice before rotations. Northwestern cadaver lab is one of the best, helping me strengthen my knowledge of anatomy outside of the classroom. 

How have you grown during your time as a student?

Throughout my time at Northwestern, I have grown both professionally and personally. I have seen professional growth as my medical knowledge expanded throughout my didactic year. The class of clinical reasoning especially allowed us to put the information learned in clinical medicine into a patient case. Also, my increased ability to perform a physical examination has been due to our experience through simulated patient cases. I have grown personally as this program has showed me that I am capable of more than I thought possible. We are asked difficult questions, allowing me to better understand my beliefs, and what I stand for as a person and as a health care provider.