Political science programs

As a political science major, you’ll compare the U.S. political system with those of other countries, study international relations, and examine issues of global importance. Your classes will be filled with discussion and debate as you and your peers are challenged to examine why you believe what you do. In the process, you’ll hone your critical thinking and public speaking skills and become better prepared for an active role as a Christian citizen in your nation and the world.

Political Science Minor

(Satisfies state secondary teaching endorsement requirements in American government, if all elective hours are in classes designated American politics. Students must also complete the requirements of the secondary education program. See the education department listing for requirements.)

Political science electives: 16 credits
PSC 310WIx - History of Political Thought
PSC 320 - Christians and the Political Order
Choose one course: 4 credits
PSC 101SS - American Government
PSC 105SS - Liberalism and its Critics
Total credits required: 28