Alyssa CurrierPolitical science major
Ottawa, Kansas

International advocate
Alyssa is combining her political science major with a major in Spanish—good preparation for her plans to go to law school so she can practice international law with World Vision. The news editor for Northwestern’s student newspaper, she has been active in student government, Justice Matters, the Hunger/Homeless Ministry, International Club, discipleship groups, intramurals and dorm life.

Election geek
I’ve always been interested in politics. I’m one of those nerds who sit and watch election results come in. However, I chose political science for my major because I wanted to put myself in a position to positively impact those who don’t have the means to advocate for themselves.

Critical thinking
As a political science major, I’ve gained a greater understanding of governmental and international relations that will help me as I pursue a career in international law. I’ve enjoyed analyzing current events from a more in-depth perspective. For example, we’ve discussed solutions for the national debt and reforming the Electoral College. I’ve come to realize that many ethical dilemmas presented as black-and-white issues don’t have easy answers. Conflict resolution isn’t as simple as peace or war. Stances on social issues aren’t as simple as Christian or non-Christian.

Off campus
I appreciate all the opportunities to travel I’ve had while at Northwestern. I went to Chicago twice with the International Club, Mount Rushmore on the Black Hills Retreat, Minneapolis with the Hunger/Homeless Ministry to work with AmeriCorps—and I’ve gone on Spring Service Project trips to Kentucky and Nicaragua.

Having it all
At Northwestern I’ve met so many interesting people with different stories and experiences to share. I’ve developed a more open mind, a deeper faith, and close friendships. One of my best memories is making Christmas pretzels with my friends in the apartment of my freshman-year RA. She and two other friends were getting ready to study abroad, and it was the last time we were all together.