Matt HonkenMusic education
Sibley, Iowa

Music man
If a Northwestern musical ensemble is rehearsing or performing, there’s a good chance Matt Honken is in it. He plays trombone in the Symphonic Band, Jazz Band and Brass Quintet and sings baritone in the A cappella Choir. His exposure to a wide variety of music genres will serve him well in his future career as a high school or middle school music teacher.

It took me some time to choose a college. Northwestern stood out because of its friendly atmosphere. All the professors I met went out of their way to make sure my questions were being answered. So when I felt a strong call from God that this was where I should go, I listened, and I’ve had absolutely no regrets.

Classroom calling
In high school I participated in every music ensemble. I really enjoyed learning under the teachers and built strong friendships with both my choir and band instructors. I want to be able to teach my future high school students just as well as my two high school instructors taught me.

Musical mentors
The thing I appreciate most about Northwestern’s music department is that all the professors are both caring and yet challenging. They push students to make themselves better through their personal practicing and the ensembles we participate in. But the professors care for each student and are willing to talk and discuss life and other matters as well. They help us build a strong music department community and friendships that last.

Instrumental integration
I’ve deepened my faith at Northwestern. Coming here showed me how one can integrate faith into learning. In all of my courses so far, we’ve taken class periods to talk about matters of faith and how it influences the subject of the course. I really appreciate that perspective.