Matt DowieComputer science major and mathematics minor
Pella, Iowa

Programmed for success
Matt came to Northwestern planning to play soccer and study pre-engineering for three years before transferring to complete his engineering degree. When he took Computer Science 1, he fell in love with the logic and problem-solving it involved—and realized he was good at it. Now a computer science major, he has earned honorable mention all-conference recognition on the pitch and has served as an RA in Colenbrander Hall.

Making it compute
When I visited Northwestern, I fell in love with the campus and the people. There is really nothing better than going to a college where every student and professor truly want you to reach your potential in academics as well as everything else you are involved in. It just felt right from day one.

System analysts
The professors are the biggest strength of the computer science department. Mark and Tom are both incredibly smart and great mentors. I have had the privilege to spend a lot of time with Mark, and he has taught me more than I could have ever imagined about life, faith, computer science and how I can push myself. Having professors you know on a first-name basis and can really relate to and joke around with makes learning that much more fun and interesting. The size of the department also provides multiple benefits. You are able to connect on a deeper level with the professors and get one-on-one instruction if you need it. And because you have classes with the same people every semester and are able to build friendships with them, they can also help if you have questions. 

Networks and servers
Northwestern has great academics, but it is also a great place to grow in so many ways. I have grown tremendously in my faith because of all the opportunities I’ve had to talk with people who have a different background than me. They challenge me and help me really think about what I believe and why. I have also become a better person. Everyone on this campus cares for one another. You learn to truly take an interest in how other people are doing—to invest in their lives and learn from their experiences. 

Cracking the code
I plan to get an IT job of some sort after I graduate. God has pushed me in the direction of missions, and I know in the near future I will be called somewhere to be a full-time missionary. There are a lot of needs for computer personnel on the mission field, and I’m excited to see where God will call me.