Computer science

Understand, use and design the technology of today and tomorrow. You’ll develop the mind behind the machine through Northwestern’s liberal arts curriculum, which focuses on the right side of your brain as well as the left. And as you explore changing technology issues, you’ll discover your faith and values are a solid foundation for your work as a computer scientist.

Northwestern’s computer science program offers these study options:


Northwestern’s computer science faculty includes an experienced educator who's taught for more than 30 years and a select group of practicioners. Together, they offer students the best in computer science theory and practice.

Programmed for success

Northwestern's college computer programming teams were among the top 100 in the world in 2009 and 2010, competing in IBM's annual "Battle of the Brains" alongside teams from MIT, Stanford, Oxford and the University of Moscow. And computer science graduates all get jobs, often high-paying and at high-profile companies. Of course, their excellent career preparation is only half the program. They’ve also discovered the place of faith in the digital age.