Carly FarringtonPublic relations major
Littleton, Colorado

Going pro
Bright-eyed and ambitious, Carly plans to wrap up her college career a semester early so she can get to work as a public relations professional. She likes variety and so hopes to work in image management for a PR firm that works with many different clients. In the meantime, she manages the Raider women's soccer team, which she played for her freshman year, and she showed off her moves as a participant in Northwestern's student dance recital, RUSH.

Making connections
I have always wanted to attend a small, Christian school. After hearing about Northwestern from a friend, I made the visit to Iowa and fell in love with the campus, the people and the overall experience. I have built such wonderful relationships here that I know will be part of my life beyond just the time I'm in college.

Social networking
I first got interested in public relations when some friends who were already a part of the program encouraged me to look into it. After doing so, I added it to my sports management major as a minor. However, it didn't take long for me to realize how much more I enjoyed my public relations classes, so I made PR my major and business administration my minor at the beginning of my sophomore year.

Reality show
What I appreciate most about the communication department is that what the professors teach us goes beyond just lessons from a book. They've been public relations professionals in the business and nonprofit world and incorporate their own life and career experiences into their teaching so we learn from both text and real life stories and advice.

PR (prof relations)
I feel prepared for my future because of the level of commitment of Northwestern's faculty and my professors' personal investments in me. The people working at Northwestern don't just teach because it's their job. They truly want to see success in every student, and they are willing to do whatever it takes to ensure that.