Chemistry programs

Northwestern’s chemistry department is recognized by Rugg’s Recommendations on the Colleges as a top program that attracts top students. Whether you’re thinking about research, science teaching, medicine or another career, studying chemistry at Northwestern will prepare you to bring your faith to the complex research and ethical questions facing today’s scientists.


Northwestern’s pre-dental program prepares the student for entrance into a college of dentistry and an eventual career as a doctor of dentistry. Students may be accepted by a college of dentistry after three years of college (minimum of 90-semester hours), but the majority of those accepted have earned a B.A. degree. Specific course requirements vary somewhat between colleges of dentistry in different states. Students should carefully target a particular school(s) and design their curriculum accordingly.

Recommended courses
Courses in writing: 6 credits
BIO 115 - General Biology: Molecular and Cellular Biology
BIO 116 - General Biology: Ecology and Organismal Biology
CHE 111 - General Chemistry
CHE 112 - General Chemistry
CHE 321 - Organic Chemistry
CHE 322 - Organic Chemistry
PHY 111 - General Physics I
PHY 112 - General Physics II
A minimum of one course in Biochemistry:
BIO 326x - Biochemistry:Proteins and Metabolism
CHE 326x - Biochemistry: Proteins and Metabolism
BIO 327 - Biochemistry: Molecular Genetics
Total credits recommended: 42