Aaron SundetChemistry major
Clarksville, Iowa

Mixin' it up
In addition to his involvement in Northwestern's band, choir and music ensembles, Aaron juggles his chemistry major and physics minor with secondary education certificates in general science, physical science, chemistry and physics. With an ear for music and a head for science, Aaron was able to combine his interests at Northwestern. "The strong science and music departments got me interested, but it was the openly Christian focus that ultimately made me decide to come," he says.

An easy solution
I've always liked logic and order, so the ideas of science have always appealed to me. I chose chemistry over other science disciplines because i enjoy the narrower focus on the ways chemicals interact with each other, which struck a balance between the broad scope of biology and the highly mathematical nature of physics.

Faith and science
Chemistry and physics have always been in agreement with my faith, but there is still plenty of challenge to be found. One challenge is the question of whether we will eventually learn everything there is to know about the universe. If so, then why do we believe there is a God behind it all? And if we don't, then why do we really bother? The professors in the science department have never shied away from such questions, and knowing that they believe Christianity and science are not contradictory, has strengthened both my love of science and my faith in God.

Strong bonds
The chemistry professors are fantastic. Their sense of humor make classes enjoyable, their knowledge of the subjects they teach is impressive, the faith they show is inspiring, and their teaching abilities are such that subjects that could be boring and seemingly incomprehensible are made interesting.

Formula for success
I think Northwestern has prepared me very well for the future. The college's liberal arts philosophy has introduced me to a broad range of subjects, opinions, and worldviews, while the education department has shown me what to expect in my future career by requiring many hours of classroom observation and teacher interviews. In addition, the Peer Learning Center has provided me with opportunities to tutor, helping other students learn, and giving me experience teaching science.