Sam KleinsasserNursing major
Huron, South Dakota

Champion for learning
A student in Northwestern’s B.S.N. program, Sam has been a Peer Learning Center tutor for anatomy, physiology, pharmacology, microbiology, chemistry and nursing classes since her sophomore year. Outside of class, she is involved in campus ministry and plays the post position on the Red Raider women’s basketball team, which won the NAIA national championship Sam’s freshman and sophomore years (as well as the year before that).

Academic support
When I first came to Northwestern, I was a little bit intimidated by the thought of going to the Peer Learning Center. But I quickly discovered it’s really beneficial and there’s nothing to worry about. The tutors genuinely care about their fellow students and want to help in any way they can. You never have to feel like using the Peer Learning Center means you’re a bad student; in fact, most professors will tell you some of their best students are the ones who use the tutoring resources the most. It really helps!

Tutoring perks
As a tutor, I work one-on-one with students to help them understand the concepts they’re studying in class and to answer any questions they have. I enjoy getting to know other students, and tutoring has reminded me that we don’t all learn the same way. It’s helped me develop new ways of explaining the material because what makes sense to me may not be clear to someone else. It forces me to dig deeper into the material, which, in the end, helps me understand it better too. It’s a great chance for me to review information I’ve already learned, which helps me in my own classes.

Perfect fit
I chose Northwestern because it was different from all the other colleges I visited. The people were genuine and caring, but most of all, their main focus was serving God. It’s important to me that faith be part of my education. It’s truly remarkable to be part of a community united by love for Christ. Northwestern has been a perfect fit for me—my teammates, coaches, professors, friends, and the community of Orange City have all been a blessing in my life.

Digging deeper
Northwestern professors encourage us to think deeply about the subject matter and challenge us not only to understand concepts but also to connect them to the bigger picture. Behind all the details of whatever subject we’re studying is a divine Creator. My professors introduce interesting ideas and ask questions that cause me to think about my faith as I learn. That’s when spiritual growth takes place—when I start to ask questions and dig deeper.