Logan GoochSociology
Nevis, Minnesota

Reporting for duty
A sociology major with a career concentration in law enforcement, Logan sings in the A cappella Choir, leads a discipleship group and is an active member of La Mosaic. Logan has also been elected treasurer, student body president and vice president of the Student Government Association. When he's not making donut runs with his roommates or pranking his RA by filling his dorm room with balloons, he's concentrating on learning all he can about becoming an "officer of integrity."

A little detective work
After a lengthy college search I landed on Northwestern. I was looking for a small, private, intentionally Christian college that focused on community. I continued praying about my options, and through this prayer I felt as though Northwestern was where I was called to be. When I visited campus and experienced the community and explored the opportunities, I felt it was the right place for me. Once my financial aid package came in, I knew the only thing left for me to do was to pack my bags.

Cross examination
Sociology is a very interesting major that enables me to compare my or others' personal experiences with contrasting ones. Sociologists often take a non-faith-based approach to learning concepts, but at Northwestern, faith is the driving force behind our work. We use sociological concepts and exploration to help explain our beliefs and challenge them. While taking Principles of Sociology, I remember taking a deeper look into my faith and strengthening it in ways I never thought possible. It helped me to realize that even though we may be separated by human constructs like denomination, we are one in Christ.

Calling for back-up
Professors care. This simple statement is a major reason why Northwestern is an excellent college. From the first day of class to the last, the professors are actively interested in my education. I can remember walking into my first class, and my professor already knew my name by the end of it. This care and attention is put into their teaching, and they develop their curriculum around the students, not the other way around. Because my professors know me personally, they can challenge me to look at subject matter from an opposing viewpoint, which is critical in sociology. They are also very personable. Whether it is a passing conversation on the sidewalk, a cup of coffee in the Hub, or dinner at their home, every effort is made to ensure students grow and succeed.

Northwestern has prepared me for the future and shaped me into a man of faith. Even though it's a small college, I've had exceptional opportunities and feel I'm prepared to go anywhere and thrive. My education here has been far more than facts; rather I have the ability to think critically about the world around me, derive opinions, and find answers.