Stanley FlemingNursing major
Eureka, California

Good medicine
An undeclared major as a freshman, Stanley chose nursing after talking with friends in the nursing program and reflecting on his talents and desire to help people. Originally recruited to compete in both football and wrestling at Northwestern, he has earned all-conference honorable mention recognition on the gridiron. He also tutors philosophy and is active in the La Mosaic multicultural student association

Headed in a Northwestern direction
Coming out of a public school background, I wanted to go to a college where I would be encouraged to grow in my Christian faith and be surrounded by people who share my beliefs. On my visit I saw that the facilities were good and the people were so nice—I’ve never shaken so many hands! I liked the idea of getting away from some distractions in California, and I got a great financial aid package.

Caring community
I love the size of the nursing department. We have smaller classes and a lot of 1-on-1 time with the professors. The nursing department has a strong community feel. You’re greeted with a smile and a hug. Everybody’s on your side. They want to make sure you’re successful, and they’re willing to do what it takes to help.

Nursed along
I’m an auditory learner—I need to hear it to learn it. The department has allowed me to take tests in an auditory environment in the Academic Support Center, and my grades have really improved as a result. I try to use all of the available resources. I come in after tests and ask professors questions to make sure I really understand things. I use a smartpen, which records everything I write and hear in the classroom, and I go to tutoring and study sessions. I really appreciate their willingness to work with me; it’s made a big difference.

In good hands
The nursing professors are all individuals but as a whole are positive, bubbly people. They’re willing to joke around. They expect a lot from us but provide a fun, supportive environment.