Shuen-En HoBiology-health professions major
Taipei, Taiwan

Global learner
Shuen-En has been studying abroad since age 13, when her family moved to Burkina Faso in West Africa and then Oman in the Middle East. She was drawn to Northwestern’s Christian environment after meeting alumni of the college at her church in Oman. During her freshman year, Shuen-En was a member of Northwestern’s International Club (I-Club). Among I-Club activities are a midterm-break trip to Chicago in the fall and hosting the annual Ethnic Fair for campus and community members in the spring.

Smooth move
Other than being very jet-lagged the first week, my transition to Northwestern was quick. I got to know a group of good friends, and the dorm and community provided so many activities that I was too busy to feel lonely or homesick. A big help was the close relationships I formed with other international students who were upperclassmen, as well as my host family, who taught me about small-town American culture.

Roommate revelations
My roommate freshman year was a very sweet girl from Nebraska. We were both very tolerant and good at communicating and seemed to get along perfectly. She talked and walked in her sleep, which was a new experience! I’d never lived with anyone who does that.

Faith in science
I’ve always been interested in biology, especially the human body and the way DNA is a code for everything and the body’s systems are intertwined. I think it is a most wondrous work of God; the more I study it, the more I marvel at God’s wisdom. I want to be a physician because I think taking care of God’s creatures is an important and wonderful job. Studying at Northwestern has also shown me that science and faith do not have to contradict each other. In just one year, I already have a deeper understanding of biology and psychology from a Christian perspective.

Caring teachers
Northwestern professors are welcoming and helpful. They love it when students stay after class to discuss something further. They seem to care about every student in their classes and know all our names, which would be impossible at a large university.

Cultural connections
Northwestern students are very friendly and open, and many of them are curious about other cultures. I also love how willing my classmates are to discuss their beliefs with each other. Through talking about our beliefs, we learn a lot, and our beliefs are both strengthened and exposed to new ways of thinking and seeing the world.

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Shuen-En Ho Shuen-En has been studying abroad since age 13, when her family moved to Burkina Faso in West Africa and then Oman in the Middle East. More …