Jack JohnsonBusiness admin/finance and economics major
Roseville, Minnesota

Wise investment
Jack has taken advantage of numerous opportunities to prepare himself for a career in the investment industry while at Northwestern. He spent six months interning in the investment operations department at Principal Financial Group and an additional semester working with a micro-finance organization in Colombia, South America, that Professor David Befus helped establish. Jack also played baseball his first two years on campus.

Bullish on Northwestern
I wanted to go to a college not too close to home but not too far away. Going to a Christian school was also a priority for me because I wanted to learn from professors who share my Christian faith. I was also excited about the possibility of playing baseball in college, and Northwestern was more affordable than other schools I looked at.

During my internship at Principal Financial Group, my team of eight was responsible for updating and maintaining the data within our investment management system. When new securities such as stocks or bonds were issued or bought by portfolio managers, they would need to be added to our systems. The data in our systems needed to be updated in a cost-effective way to support the investment decisions of portfolio managers. The highlight of my experience was the ability to gain an understanding of the inner-workings of an investment management firm and be given the opportunity to improve the processes they have in place.

Faith at work
The business world includes many different moral arguments and debates. Through different classes and case-studies at Northwestern, I have been challenged to think critically about how a Christian is called to act in the workplace and I have come to conclusions about where I stand on various issues. On some things I have realized my previous views were wrong.

High rate of interest
The best part about the business department is definitely the faculty and how much they care about us and our education. The professors are always excited for you to come and talk to them about course material you don’t understand—or even just to talk about life. They make a point to get to know us on a personal level, so there is an open and comfortable line of communication. The professors also teach from a Christian perspective and live out their faith in and outside the classroom.

Bottom line
The most important thing I have gained at Northwestern is a maturity in my faith in God. I was challenged by my peers and professors to pursue a relationship with God more fully with my whole life. I also gained great friends and plenty of great memories.