Kaylee MuirAccounting and finance
Hartford, South Dakota

Keeping accountable
Although her double major in accounting and finance may keep Kaylee occupied in the classroom, her list of co-curriculars makes her one busy business major. She’s been a member of the Student Activities Council; the leader of a Bible study group; a Discipleship Group leader; a tutor for business, microeconomics, macroeconomics and accounting; and a student assistant for business professor Dr. Befus. Kaylee’s also been a member of the orientation staff, a student manager for the cross country team, and completed a finance internship at the British Museum in London.

It all adds up

Northwestern has been a part of my family for a few generations. My grandfather was a math professor, and my mother was a student here. When it came time for me to choose a college, I visited campus and was impressed with Northwestern’s academically challenging courses, how close people become with each other on campus, and the opportunities available to help students grow in their faith.  Driving back after my visit, it felt like Northwestern was already home.

Global economics

Spring semester my junior year I interned and took classes in London. After the study abroad experience was over, I traveled around Europe for about a month and was able to see so many different places and meet people from all over the world. My discussions with the people I met were priceless because I was exposed to different ways of thinking about social and economic issues. I learned the more you get out of your comfort zone, the more you will get out of an experience.

Someone to count on

The business professors are amazing. As a freshman, I was intimidated by them and didn’t take the opportunity to get to know them as well as I should have. But as I took progressively harder courses, I spent a lot of time in their offices getting help and chatting about whatever was on my mind. They’re concerned with how you’re doing in class and also care about getting to know you as a person. They are also very willing to help students in any way they can. One night before a huge test, some classmates and I studied in a classroom right across the hall from our professor’s office.  Even though he was busy with other things, he stayed until 11 p.m. so whenever we needed explanation on the material, we could ask him!

Return on investment

I have gained so much from my years at NWC that I know will help me in both my career and my life. The classes are tough, but they’re that way for a reason. Now that I’ve started applying for jobs, I take comfort in knowing I have the knowledge and tools that potential employers are looking for. I’ve participated in two internships and have always felt like I was prepared to do the work my bosses expected of me. I also feel that being at Northwestern has added so much to my well-being. The people I have met, both friends and faculty, have shaped me into someone who thinks more deeply about my relationship with Christ.