Abby HoekstraBiology health professions major
Hull, Iowa

Medical mind
With plans to become either a doctor or physician assistant, Abby is minoring in chemistry, involved in Northwestern’s Future Physicians Club, and working as a certified nursing assistant, which is giving her the healthcare experience necessary for graduate program or medical school admission. She also spent two months in Ghana working at St. Luke Hospital as part of the college’s Summer of Service program and is active in the Honors Program and in a discipleship group in the Bolks apartment complex.

The right prescription
I’m at Northwestern because I was really impressed with its strong academics. It’s close to my hometown, but I could choose how often I went home. I know I can drop by my professors’ offices and they will be glad to answers my questions or chat about life. I’m confident in my ability to succeed here.

Major decisions
A biology health professions major leaves me with lots of options. Coming to Northwestern, I was unsure what path I wanted to take in the healthcare field. Biology enables me to pursue medicine, dentistry, pharmacy, chiropractic, physical therapy and much more. I love learning about how things work, and I have a better understanding of how complex the human body is—down to the microorganisms in constant residence on our skin.

Faith in science
The more I learn about biology, the more fascinated I am with God. Organic chemistry taught me how everything in the world is made up of small atoms bonded together in different ways, and how vastly complex we are. I loved learning about DNA—our “program” that determines who we are down to whether or not our body is able to catabolize the lactose in milk.

Patient review
The tutoring center at Northwestern is awesome. Randy, who provides academic support for science majors, is great at what he does. You can meet with a tutor in any subject, and they’re so willing and helpful. I find it rewarding to work as a tutor for classes I’ve already taken. It’s a great way to review the material and get to know other science majors.

Support system
The Future Physicians Club has been a great help because, beginning in my freshman year, I learned what I needed to do to succeed and to have the best shot at getting accepted into medical school.