Kids stuff

Item Auction type Fair market value
Baby Boy Basket Silent $40.00
Baby Gift Bag Silent $30.00
Baby Girl Basket Silent $40.00
Baby Girl Starter Collection Silent $70.00
Baby/Toddler Travel Bag Silent $60.00
Boy Baby Starter Collection Silent $70.00
Budding Artist Set Silent $45.00
Child's Knitted Sweater Silent $30.00
Child's Padded Hangers Silent $20.00
Denim Purse Silent $20.00
Isabelle, American Girl Doll of the Year Audible $120.00
MVP Infant Football Set Silent $50.00
Quilted Blue Baby Blanket Silent $40.00
Quilted Pink Baby Blanket Silent $40.00
Toddler Cheerleader Set Silent $50.00
Wooden Alphabet Wagon "A" Silent $25.00
Wooden Alphabet Wagon "B" Silent $25.00