Grow in your love for God and your neighbor by studying the Christian faith. What you learn will help you lead a thoughtful, reflective and active Christian life as you respond to God’s call to service and ministry in the world.

Academic programs

Northwestern’s religion department is large for a college our size and serves all students through core general education courses in the Christian story and tradition. Your major courses will help you develop your Christian worldview and further strengthen your foundational knowledge in Scripture, theology and the practice of ministry. Explore programs


Northwestern’s award-winning religion and youth ministry professors are scholars with diverse areas of expertise and extensive church ministry and mission experience. Approachable and involved in students’ lives, they’ll engage you in thoughtful study, challenge you to love God with your heart and mind, and guide you as you discern your call to ministry. Explore faculty

Ministry experience

If you’re exploring a call to ministry, you can start during college with co-curricular opportunities to lead worship in chapel, disciple your peers, and travel on short-term mission trips in the U.S. and abroad. Explore campus ministry opportunities

Spiritual direction

Lincoln Morris dreams of becoming a pastor-farmer and owning a small organic farm and monastery somewhere in Iowa after he graduates. In addition to his majors, he’s completing minors in both Christian missions and cultural studies.

Lincoln's story

Keeping the Faith

During her junior year, Laura was offered a part-time internship at American Reformed Church. Before she walked across the stage at graduation a year later, she was offered a full-time position as the director of children's ministries.

Laura's story


Jose Sanchez-Perry is developing a college prep program for Latinos in his community while preparing to earn a Ph.D. in religious studies.

Jose's story