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Host a Raider All About Internships

Northwestern College students want the chance to put their classroom education into practice, and you’re looking to find high-quality future employees. By hosting an intern, your organization gets a chance to preview our students in action, and our students get a chance to learn from industry experts through a hands-on experience. It's a win-win!

Test-drive the talent

An internship is an intensive job interview in disguise. Hiring students as interns is the most effective way to evaluate their potential as future employees. When organizations “try out” a candidate through an internship, they make fewer mistakes when it comes to full-time staffing. Organizations with internship programs avoid the pitfall of training a new hire, only to discover that they are not a good fit for the company.

Bring a fresh perspective to your work

Interns can help with projects or tasks that organizations struggle to complete. Students accept internships with the hope of accomplishing something significant and developing skills that will help with future employment. Give them real, meaningful work that will help your organization run more smoothly, accomplish more, or be more successful. Their effort and fresh perspective will help your organization be more productive even as you invest time into developing a quality internship program.

Increase employee retention rates

Positive employee retention figures are proof of the power of internships: According to the 2017 Internship & Co-Op Survey of the National Association of Colleges and Employers (NACE), former interns of an organization were more likely to be retained as full-time entry-level hires at one year (71%) and at five years (54%) than employees who interned elsewhere (57% at one year and 41% at five years). For employers who had no internship program, only 46% and 36% of their hires were still full-time employees after one and five years, respectively.

How can I hire a Raider intern?

Contact  Kendall Stanislav, director of experiential education, to discuss your internship needs. He can also provide additional instructions for posting your internship opportunities on Handshake, the job board for Northwestern College students and graduates.