Franken Fellows

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Kaelin Alons Kaelin Alons
Hometown:  Orange City
Advice to NWC students: Find a method you like to manage your time and stick to it. Falling behind is a deep pit that is incredibly hard to dig out of.
Career goals: To enter law school and earn my degree in family law.

Andrew De Noble Andrew De Noble
Hometown:  Rock Rapids, Iowa
Advice to NWC students: Step out of your comfort zone in college and do something that challenges you. You only get a limited amount of time, so go out and experience new things.
Career goals: To earn my doctorate in physical therapy and become a physical therapist.

Karl Ford Karl Ford
Hometown:  Pueblo, Colorado
Advice to NWC students: Manage your time well, and make sure you include time for school and fun.
Career goals: To become a licensed real estate agent in Arizona.

Hannah Van Meeteren Hannah Van Meeteren
Hometown:  Sheldon, Iowa
Advice to NWC students: Try new things, even if they may be a little outside your comfort zone. You never know who you might meet or get to know at new activities. Leave time in your schedule to say yes to spontaneous activities on your wing or with your friends.
Career goals: To become a CPA and work for a public accounting firm.

Teagen Vander Waal Teagen Vander Waal
Hometown:  Pella, Iowa
Advice to NWC students: Get involved on campus. When I was a freshman, I thought a lot of the campus events where kind of silly and not cool enough for me. I'm not going to lie: The events do tend to be silly at times, but they’re so much fun and a great way to meet a ton of different really cool people. So get involved in some way and enjoy the community..
Career goals: To someday own and operate my own business.

Jarica Vander Werff Jarica Vander Werff
Hometown:  Urbandale, Iowa
Advice to NWC students: Have a positive mindset about everything you do, and take advantage of the opportunities presented to you.
Career goals: To find a job in either marketing or event planning with a business in Des Moines.