Dr. Michael Andres Professor of Religion


Ph.D., Kings College, University of London
M.A., Reformed Theological Seminary
B.A., Arizona State University

VPH 115

Dr. Andres teaches theology, Christian witness, Christian community development, and Calvin and Calvinism. He has research interests in Christian community development, the theology and practice of holistic Christian witness, the authentication of revelation, and the ethics and theology of consumerism. He serves on the rural/small town committee for the Christian Community Development Association and previously served six years on the Commission on Theology for the Reformed Church in America.

REL250 - Christian Story II: Theological Tradition

(4 credits) This course presents an overview and orientation to Christian theology focusing on its formation, content, role in the Christian faith throughout Church history, and its interpretation of key biblical subjects such as God, Christ, creation, sin, redemption, church, and new creation. This course completes the Christian Story sequence and prepares students for a lifetime of critical thinking and faithful living from a biblical-theological perspective. Students should complete this course by the end of their fourth semester. Note: Does not count toward a religion major or minor. Prerequisite: REL150.

REL290 - Christian Witness and Community Development

An examination of Christian witness as verbal proclamation (evangelism), as reasoned response (apologetics), as a distinctive lifestyle and as the practice of social justice. Prerequisite: REL262 (4 credits)

REL370 - Calvin and Calvinism

A study of John Calvin's INSTITUTES OF THE CHRISTIAN RELIGION, as well as a survey of other varieties of Reformed theology, including later Calvinism. Prerequisite: REL262 (4 credits, alternate years, consult department)

REL375 - Topics in Theology

A study of one or more standard areas of theology, (such as the doctrines of Revelation, God, Christ, the Holy Spirit, Humanity, Salvation, the Church, and Last Things) from a classical as well as a contemporary perspective.Prerequisites: REL110 and 262.(4 credits, alternate years, consult department)

REL420 - Topics in Christian Community Development

“Apologetics in an Age of Authenticity,” Rochester L’Abri Conference – Rochester, MN (February 2016)

“Redeeming the Bound & Reconciling the Separated: Theology and Practice” at Christian Community Development Association National Conference – Raleigh-Durham, NC (September 2014) with Rahn Franklin

“Between Two Gardens: An Organic Salvation for Community Development from the Biblical Narrative,” in 'Mobilizing for the Common Good: The Lived Theology of John M. Perkins', ed.s Charles Marsh, Peter Slade, and Peter Goodwin Heltzel (University Press of Mississippi, 2013).

"Consumer Theology and the Roots of Environmental Degradation" at Annual Meeting of Evangelical Theological Society - Milwaukee, WI (November 2012).

“Models for Justice and Evangelism in Christian Witness” at Annual Meeting of Evangelical Theological Society – San Francisco, CA (November 2011).

"Christian Community Development and the Both-And Gospel: Introducing the Whole Gospel through Evangelism and Social Justice” at Annual Meeting of Evangelical Theological Society – New Orleans, LA (November 2009).

“Aslan, Babbette, and the Dark Knight Together: Response to ‘A Discussion on the Atonement,’” Perspectives: A Journal of Reformed Thought (April 2009).

“Kaufman vs. Marx?: Alienation, Re-presentation, and the Commodification of Theology” – American Academy of Religion Regional Meeting, St. Paul, Minnesota (March 2009)

“The Filled Hungry and Empty Rich,” Perspectives: A Journal of Reformed Thought (December 2008).

“Will Evangelicals Teach Them Economic Obedience or Consumer Theology?” Cultural Encounters: A Journal for the Theology of Culture (Summer 2008).

Visiting Lecturer, University of Surrey Roehampton, London, England

Lecturer, Monkfield College, Lincolnshire, England

American Academy of Religion

Christian Community Development Association

Evangelical Theological Society

Marvin and Jerene DeWitt Endowed Religion Professorship

Northwestern Scholarship Grant

Lilly Faculty Fellows Grant

British and Foreign Bible Society Research Grant