Sharon Foughty Lecturer in Music


B.A., Iowa State University

A classroom music instructor for the Orange City Elementary School, Sharon Foughty teaches elementary music methods courses at Northwestern. She has a bachelor's degree in vocal music education from Iowa State University and is working on a Master of Music Education degree at the University of South Dakota. She has been active in curriculum development in the MOC-Floyd Valley Schools and the state of Iowa, serving on the team to align general music skills and concepts with the Iowa Core 21st Century Universal Constructs in 2009-10.

Foughty has studied the Kodaly Method with Dr. Jean Sinor and Dr. Mary Goetze and the Orff approach with Dr. Jane Frazee and Arvida Steen. She has also studied the Bel Canto Sol Feggio with John Armstrong and world music drumming with James Mader.

MUS235 - Integrating Music for Elementary Classroom Teachers

(1 credit) This course is designed to equip elementary majors with methods and materials for incorporating music in their educational curriculum. Prerequisite: EDU326. Note: KIN338 is an acceptable substitute for those seeking an elementary education major and birth through grade three inclusive settings endorsement. Does not count toward a music major or minor.

Adjunct professor, Northwestern College

Music teacher, Orange City Elementary School, Orange City, Iowa

Music teacher, David City Public Schools, David City, Nebraska