Dr. Timothy Huffman Professor of Mathematics; Director of the Actuarial Science Program


Ph.D., University of Nebraska-Lincoln
M.S., University of Nebraska-Lincoln
B.A., Concordia University, Seward, Nebraska

VPH 100C

Dr. Huffman's research specialty is Fourier-Feynman Transforms. His work has been published in the International Journal of Mathematics and Mathematical Science, Transactions of the AMS, Rocky Mountain Journal of Mathematics, Michigan Mathematics Journal, and Journal of the Korean Mathematical Society. An academic correspondent of the Casualty Actuarial Society, he teaches many of the upper-level math classes at Northwestern.

MAT211 - Calculus II

(4 credits) A study of transcendental functions, techniques of integration, improper integration, sequences, series, polar coordinates and conic sections. Prerequisite: C- or better in MAT112QR or permission of instructor.Note: Meets four times per week.

MAT312 - Differential Equations

(3 credits) A study of the elementary theory, methods of solution, and applications of differential equations, which may include topics such as first order ordinary differential equations, linear equations with constant coefficients, series solutions, variation of parameters, Laplace Transforms, linear systems, partial differential equations, and Fourier Series. Prerequisite: C- or better in MAT211 or permission of department chair.

MAT316 - Probability and Statistics I

(3 credits, alternate years, consult department) A post-calculus course in probability and statistics, which develops the theory of discrete and continuous distributions, expected value, random variables and inferential statistics. Prerequisites: C- or better in MAT116QR or 117QR, 208QR, and MAT112QR or permission of instructor.

MAT416 - Probability and Statistics II

(3 credits, alternate years, consult department) A continuation of Probability and Statistics I. Emphasis will be placed on functions of random variables and sampling distributions. Prerequisite: MAT316.

MAT430 - Actuarial Modeling: Life Contingent Risk Models

(3 credits, alternate years, consult department) This course is an introduction to the study of contingent payment models. Topics include: economics of insurance, individual risk models, survival distributions and life tables, benefit reserves, multiple life functions, multiple decrement models and introductory loss models. Prerequisite: MAT316, with co-requisite MAT416.

MAT431 - Actuarial Modeling: Loss Models

(3 credits; alternate years, consult department) This course concentrates on loss models. Topics include: frequency and severity, aggregate loss models, discrete and continuous time ruin models, construction of empirical models, parameter estimation, and model selection. Prerequisite: MAT316, with co-requisite MAT416.

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