Michael Wallinga Lecturer in Mathematics


M.A., University of South Dakota
B.A., Northwestern College

ZWM 3rd

In addition to teaching classes for Northwestern's math department, Mike Wallinga serves as the college's director of institutional research. He previously worked as a database programmer and analyst for Interstates Control Systems in Sioux Center, Iowa. He also was a full-time instructor in NWC's computer science department for nine years.

Wallinga majored in both computer science and mathematics at Northwestern and earned a Master of Arts degree in computer science from the University of South Dakota.

MAT090 - Basic Algebra

This course covers basic concepts of numbers (addition, subtraction, multiplication and division in the integers, rational numbers and real numbers), basic properties of exponents, linear equations in two variables and their applications in problem solving, inequalities, the use of formulas and an introduction to the rectangular coordinate system and graphing. Counts toward full-time student status but is not included in grade point averages. Credit attempted in Basic Algebra does not count toward graduation. Does not count toward a math major or minor. Does not fulfill the math requirement or any graduation requirement. (2 credits)

Director of Institutional Research, Northwestern College

Database Programmer and Analyst, Harbor Group/Interstates Control Systems Inc., Sioux Center, Iowa

Instructor in Computer Science and Co-Director of Assessment, Northwestern College

Association for Institutional Research

Association for Computing Machinery