Dr. Rebecca Koerselman ’03 Associate Professor of History Education


Ph.D., Michigan State University
M.A., Iowa State University
B.A., Northwestern College

VPH 300B

A Northwestern College graduate, Dr. Koerselman earned a master’s degree in history and political science from Iowa State University and a doctorate in United States history with an emphasis on gender and religion from Michigan State University. Before joining Northwestern's faculty, she was an assistant professor of history at Oklahoma Baptist University.

HIS150 - Introduction to Historical Inquiry

(2 credits) (American history) An introduction to the principles and techniques involved in the study of history. This course will include both reflection and practice, consideration of ideas and actual application, through exercises drawing on primary and secondary materials.

HIS210 - Introduction to Public History

(2 credits) (American history) This course is designed to introduce students to the theory, methods, and practice of history outside the classroom. Students will explore the ways historians research, preserve, and present historical topics to public audiences through museums, archives, interpreters, documentaries, and through electronic media.

HIS365 - Seminar in American History

(4 credits) (American history) Building on the skills students developed in the Colloquium in American history, the Seminar in American history invites students to do the work of a historian. Seminars focus more deeply on some period or issue or question, and students will write a significant research paper related to the seminar topic that demonstrates advanced familiarity with the historiography and advanced skills at analyzing and using primary sources. Prerequisite: HIS206 or permission of instructor. Note: This course may be taken more than once provided a different topic is studied.

"Gender Goes Camping: A 'Clarion Call' for Evangelical Identities of Masculinity and Femininity in Summer Camps," Midwest American Academy of Religion Conference, Augustana College, Rock Island, IL, 2012; American Academy of Religion Conference, Chicago, 2012

"Life Traces Religion, Religion Traces Cultural Change," Midwest American Academy of Religion Conference, Dominican University, River Forest, IL, 2008

Assistant Professor of History, Oklahoma Baptist University

Instructor in History, Michigan State University

Research Assistant, Michigan State University

Teaching Assistant, Iowa State University

American Historical Association

Organization of American Historians

American Academy of Religion

Conference on Faith and History

Dissertation Completion Fellowship, Michigan State University Graduate School

Fred Williams Teaching Award, Michigan State University Department of History

State Historical Society of Iowa Research Grant

Southern Baptist Historical Library and Archives Lynn E. May, Jr. Study Grant