Student employment

You can earn money for college by working 5 hrs. per week (or more) on campus. Students work in almost every campus office and the cafeteria, library, maintenance department and residence halls.

Federally funded work-study and campus employment

All full- and half-time students can apply for campus jobs advertised through the Career Development Center and specific departments. If your FAFSA application identifies you as a student with financial need, your work-study will be federally funded. If your FAFSA doesn't indicate financial need, your campus employment will be funded by NWC. To search available campus employment, create an account at the College Central Network Services for Northwestern College. You can apply and complete the necessary forms by contacting the financial services office.

Off-campus employment

Some students choose to work off-campus in part-time jobs in the Orange City community. Information about part-time opportunities is available through Northwestern's College Central Network.

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