SOS Survival Kits for finals

Support your student and Summer of Service (SOS) short-term missions by sending an SOS Survival Kit of finals week treats:

  • SNACK PACK mac 'n' cheese, fruit, pudding, popcorn, crackers, juice and more

  • PIZZA & POP coupon for medium Pizza Ranch pizza and can of soda

  • COFFEE COMBO coupon for a coffee or smoothie at a hangout 2 blocks from campus

For a suggested donation of $15 or more per kit, SOS team members will hand-deliver your choice of survival kits to your student on Saturday, May 2, just in time for finals week studying. Order forms are mailed to parents the month prior to finals. Parents, grandparents and other relatives or friends can order kits and send a personal message to your student. Orders are due Friday, April 24. All proceeds support Northwestern's SOS team. 

For more information, contact Michelle Holthaus, campus ministry administrative assistant, by email or by calling 712-707-7207.

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Campus Ministry
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