Hadyn Lee ’22 Admissions Counselor


Omaha, Nebraska

Millard West High School; Northwestern College, bachelor’s degree in mathematics

Dream vacation 
I would love to go to Paris someday. I studied French in high school, and ever since, I have always wanted to go and try the cheeses!

Favorite musician 
I love Ed Sheeran. I have been dogged on before because a lot of people don’t like him or whatever, but “I Don’t Care.” I know every one of his songs. I think it’s because he was my go-to playlist when I would play video games in high school.

Fun fact 
I like space and space-y things. I own about 40 items of clothing with the NASA brand on it, and I even bought my own telescope that I named Big Bertha.

Favorite place on Northwestern’s campus  
Hospers Hall. I spent all four years in college living there, and it really had an impact on my development and growth. I was a big fan of walking through the hallways when I was bored to see what was going on, meet new people, or catch up with friends. I definitely feel like it was my second home.

College search advice   
The best advice I have on searching for a college is to visit in person. You can do as much research as you want online, but actually being there is a different experience. Go on as many college visits as you can.