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Parents Love NW

97% of our parents say we’re worth it. Why? So many reasons ...

Jill has thrived at Northwestern. She is doing great academically. She had a great internship this summer with the FDIC that will likely turn into a full-time position after she graduates. She has taken several mission trips with her college friends. She had the amazing experience of studying abroad in Oman. Northwestern was her destiny. It was where God wanted her to be.  David Adam | Quincy, IL

Hannah, as the oldest, was our first child to attend college and there was some trepidation about where she would go and what influence the institution would have on her. We raised her to love God, love others, and share Christ, and we knew not all schools would value this worldview.  Northwestern was the last school we visited, and we immediately knew it was the right choice. The academics were exceptional and the professors extremely caring and helpful, but more critical was the overwhelming presence of Christ being spoken and lived out at Northwestern. We appreciate all Northwestern has done to prepare our daughter to bring God’s light and word into the world.  Nathan and Molly Bassett | Lincoln, NE

Stephanie has been pushed out of her comfort zone— pushed to grow in her relationships and views.  Terri Brethouwer | Beatrice, NE

From day one our son was able to experience one of the values Northwestern holds up: Christian community. He experienced this in many places—with freshmen classmates in the dorm and around campus as well as upperclassmen students who took the time and energy to invest in him. To listen to Ben's experiences of deep sharing of life as well as random and ridiculous things you do as a college student, has really blessed us tremendously.   Bob De Boer | Orange City, IA

We appreciate the support and guidance of faculty and staff at Northwestern—from support during those first few weeks of school to invitations for dinner at their homes. How often can a college student say that the president of the college says hello to you on a regular basis and calls you by your first name? Our daughter can, and I know it makes her feel welcome and part of the Northwestern family.   Rick and Jean Faber | Omaha, NE

Northwestern has shown Corrie how to lace together her career goals with her faith. It’s exactly what she needed—a place where she could learn her craft as well as develop deep relationships with people who care about her.  Ken and Patty Hayes | Fort Dodge, IA

We appreciate that Northwestern integrates a Christian perspective into every aspect of learning and gives Derrick opportunities to grow in his faith. We love all the student life activities NWC has to offer, as well as the Christian community he is part of.  Rick and Staci Jansen | Sully, IA

Northwestern blessed Jeff and prepared him for a future in medicine beyond all our expectations. Northwestern shows what Christ-centered higher education is all about: serving and being a light in the world.  Lora Jeltema | Orange City, IA

Northwestern has been a place of quality education and a great caring community. Ali has grown in his faith, and as a parent, I'm so grateful.  Verna Kowalczyk | Bahrain

There are so many wonderful activities planned for the students to participate in! These activities are spiritually wholesome and really enable the students to get to know each other and grow in Christian fellowship! The college truly cares for each and every student.   Laurie Kruse | Lennox, SD

It wasn't easy for Alexander to move over 1,200 miles from a suburb of Philadelphia to a small town in the Midwest. But he explains that the Northwestern experience removes a lot of the big city distractions and creates a "green house" situation that allows students to grow in very specific ways. The professors and staff cultivate this growth not only by instruction, but by example and personal relationships. Another benefit is the depth and breadth of relationships our son has with other students. The student activities and hall events provide all the social interactions a student could need. From the cardboard and duct tape battle (you would have to see it to believe it) to Sunday Night Praise & Worship to dorm-based gaming competitions, the Northwestern College community provides a social context that allows students to thrive.  Eulalia Lowry | Philadelphia, PA

Northwestern has prepared my daughter for the future by offering many opportunities to be a leaderConni McCormick | Mitchell, SD

Liz would tell you that her dad forced her to go on a campus visit which she didn't particularly like. Then she went back for a Red 101 visit and fell in love with Northwestern. As an English teaching major and a theatre minor, she received theoretical and practical training that has prepared her well to be a high school English teacher and speech and theater coach. She also took on many leadership roles. All of that was good, but I really appreciate the focus on Christian faith throughout her college experience and will always remember the baccalaureate worship that sends the new graduates into the world to be the light of Jesus Christ.  Scott Meier | Badger, IA

Jeremiah blossomed during his freshman year at Northwestern. The combination of social growth and opportunities, the impact of the theatre department, and the investment of numerous professors (particularly in the religion department) has enabled Jeremiah to use his gifts to honor and glorify God in a way that will have long-lasting effect. As parents, we are so grateful that God led Jeremiah to Northwestern.  Don and Joy Mitchell | Oskaloosa, IA

I’ve seen my son grown in his skills, personal confidence and readiness for life after college. He came to Northwestern as a typical, nervous college freshman with tons of potential and will leave as a young man prepared to realize that potential and influence his corner of the world for God’s glory.  Tom Mould  | Bloomington, MN

Ana had really never had been away from home for an extended period of time. When the day came for her to start Northwestern, we got in our car to leave, and the tears were streaming down her face. We had a good relationship one of NW's coaches who said we should call if Ana was homesick. We did. He talked to her, and later that day she called and said she was staying. I don't know what he said to her, but it made a difference. Now that Ana's an upperclassman, it’s always, “It’s time to go. I need to get back to Northwestern.”  Kevin Muilenburg | Waukee, IA

We’re very pleased that Pedro chose Northwestern because they practice excellent moral and religious values, have a very high academic level, and offer excellent academic support and help.  Maria Lígia Oliveira | Brazil

I see Allyson maturing as a young adult as exhibited in the confidence and independence she displays. Also, and more importantly, I see her maturing in her personal relationship with Jesus Christ. I have observed that she is much more diligent in her devotions, Bible study and prayer life. I have also received comments from some ministry leaders at our home church (she has a summer internship) about how impressed they are with her leadership skills. Thank you Northwestern College!  Dan Pettit | Andover, MN

Northwestern has had a positive impact on Wyatt. I'm impressed by his involvement with the football team, and he's matured into a very outstanding young man.  Tim Powell | Larchwood, IA

Northwestern has gone out of its way to make it possible for my son to pursue his passions, adjusting schedules and even financial aid to make sure he can stay in the program he loves.  Dori Reno | West Des Moines, IA

I appreciate the smaller class sizes and individual attention Hannah is receiving. I am looking forward to the new ventures that await her as a second-year student. I hope she can seize even more opportunities to grow in her faith and develop her talents and skills.   Michelle Ross | Des Moines, IA

Northwestern has impacted Amie's leadership skills significantly. We knew she had it in her. We've seen her grow tremendously, handling life's issues and applying godly principles to problems when they arise. She has learned to balance studying with taking breaks and having fun. Northwestern is truly a family. Amie has made friendships that will last a lifetime.  Lindy Uithoven | Sioux Falls, SD

Jason loves Northwestern. Everyone he's met has been so helpful and friendly. I have recommended Northwestern to other students and families.   Chris Van Dyke | Avoca, MN

Anna had the most amazing year we could have hopeful for, Northwestern and Orange City took care of her just like I was told you would. She made beautiful and lasting friends, loved her professors, had an outstanding RA and RD, and was challenged in new ways. I so appreciate what Northwestern gives students not only in education, but also in kindness, respect and love, and how much the college includes parents, letting them know what is going on at the school. Thank you for caring about Anna almost as much as I do!   Carrie Weighmink | Holland, MI