Christian Education and Youth Ministry

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Minor requirements

CEY 210 - Foundational Issues in Christian Education
CEY 212 - Foundational Issues in Youth Ministry
Choose 16 credits:
CEY 310 - Leadership Development
CEY 315 - Philosophy of Adolescent Ministry
CEY 320 - Teaching and Learning Strategies
CEY 330 - Special Topics in CE/YM
CEY 380 - Narrative and Spiritual Formation
CEY 401 - Integrated Field Experience I
CEY 402 - Integrated Field Experience II
REL 310 - Christian Spirituality
(2 credits)A study of the meaning, purpose and practices of Christian spirituality asthis has been understood in the Christian tradition. The course emphasizesthe practice of spiritual disciplines and the relevance of spirituality inour contemporary world.Prerequisite: REL250.
REL 382 - Religion in America
Focusing on the Christian tradition, this course will examine the individual, institutions, movements and faith traditions which have shaped and contributed to the American religious experience. To understand both the variety of and unity within the pluralist religious landscape, the course will seek to evaluate the interrelationship between religion and the broader social, cultural and political aspects of the American experience.(4 credits)
REL 385 - Topics in Religion
A study of an interdisciplinary area of religion, not sufficiently covered by other courses, in response to student or faculty interests.Prerequisite: REL262 or permission of instructor.(2-4 credits, alternate years, consult department)

Total credits required: 24