Jacqueline Smallbones Professor of Religion/Christian Education


Th.D., Durban-Westville University, South Africa
M.A., Trinity Evangelical Divinity School, Illinois
B.A., Washington Bible College, Maryland

VPH 115

Dr. Smallbones is a native of South Africa and an ordained minister in the Reformed Church of America. She teaches biblical studies, Christian education and Christian spirituality at Northwestern. She is the author of Keeping Company with Jesus: Reflections on Gospel Stories (Augsburg Books, 2005) and Knit Together: Many Colors, One Life (2014). She also has written articles for Christian Education Journal and Church Herald. She occasionally presents seminars and leads retreats on such topics as teaching, Christian spirituality and spiritual disciplines. Prior to joining Northwestern’s faculty, she taught at a college and seminary in South Africa.

CEY210 - Foundational Issues in Christian Education

An introduction to critical foundational issues underpinning the disciplineand practice of Christian education. These issues include the philosophical,biblical, theological and developmental theories related to education in thelocal church. The course will also examine different theories concerning thepractice of CE. The course is designed to help the student design ministrypractice that is most appropriate to particular situations and that isrooted in good theory and relevant to the contemporary Church. (4 credits)

CEY310 - Leadership Development

The course focuses on developing a leadership style that facilitatespersonal and community spiritual development and reflects a biblicalunderstanding of servant leadership. The purpose is to develop a leadershipstyle that empowers others to engage in ministry in the midst of the churchand the world. Prerequisite: Must be sophomore standing or higher. (2 credits; non-yearly,consult department)

CEY320 - Teaching and Learning Strategies

The purpose of this course is to train students to teach Bible effectivelyin small group settings. The student is exposed to both the theory andpractice of teaching and learning theories. Half the class is devoted topracticum in teaching. Prerequisites: CEY210 and REL328WI. (4 credits; non-yearly, consultdepartment)

CEY330 - Special Topics in CE/YM

This course provides an opportunity to focus on different topics in a morespecific and in-depth way. The topics will relate to contemporary issues ineither Christian education or youth ministry and adolescent studies. (2 or 4credits; non-yearly, consult department)

CEY380 - Narrative and Spiritual Formation

A study of narrative, both personal and biblical, with the intent ofunderstanding the power and potential of narrative for both learning andspiritual formation across the age span. The course will include both theoryof narrative and practical elements of storytelling. Prerequisite: junior or senior class standing. (2 credits; non-yearly, consult department)

CEY402 - Integrated Field Experience II

The focus of CEY401 and CEY402 is intentional exposure to various aspects ofpractical ministry in either Christian education or youth ministry in alocal church or para-church organization, for two consecutive semesters. Thepractical experience must be under supervision of an on-site supervisor andthe professor of Christian Education. Weekly seminars for discussion andreflection on ministry and preparation for the writing of a major paper onthe philosophy of ministry are conducted on campus. Prerequisites: senior class standing and permission of instructor. (2 credits)

REL150 - Christian Story I: Biblical Tradition

This course presents an overview of and orientation to the Bible, focusingon its content, character, role in the Christian faith, and covenant themesof creation, fall, redemption, and new creation. This course begins thedevelopment of theological thinking for academic study in the liberal artsand equips students for the task of integrating faith and learning in theiracademic work. Students should complete this course by the end of theirsecond semester. (4 credits) Note: Does not count toward a religion major or minor.

REL310 - Christian Spirituality

(2 credits)A study of the meaning, purpose and practices of Christian spirituality asthis has been understood in the Christian tradition. The course emphasizesthe practice of spiritual disciplines and the relevance of spirituality inour contemporary world.Prerequisite: REL250.

REL385 - Topics in Religion

A study of an interdisciplinary area of religion, not sufficiently covered by other courses, in response to student or faculty interests.Prerequisite: REL262 or permission of instructor.(2-4 credits, alternate years, consult department)

"Storymakers: A holistic approach to Bible reading and study," Christian Education Journal, Vol. 12, No.1, Spring 2015

"Teaching Bible for Transformation," Christian Education Journal, Vol. 4, No. 2, Fall 2007

Lecturer and Academic Dean, Evangelical Bible Seminary of Southern Africa

Senior Lecturer, Rosebank Bible College, Johannesburg, South Africa

Book review editor, Christian Education Journal

Christian Educators of the Reformed Church in America

Society of Professors of Christian Education

Association of Presbyterian Church Educators

Spiritual Directors International

Teaching Excellence Award, Northwestern College, 1998