Dr. Melanie Nyhof Assistant Professor of Psychology


Ph.D., M.S., University of Pittsburgh
B.A., St. Olaf College

VPH 308

Drawing on her research with children and her cross-cultural experience, Dr. Melanie Nyhof provides a deep and rich perspective on child, adolescent and adult development. She is known for involving her students in her research projects and has received grants and awards from the University of California, Riverside; the Templeton Foundation; the U.S. State Department; the University of Oxford; and the University of Pittsburgh. Dr. Nyhof recently finished a research fellowship at the Center for Christian Thought at Biola University in California.

Primary investigator, children's understanding of different kinds of disagreements, Indiana University-South Bend

Primary investigator, afterlife beliefs and their cognitive mechanisms among the Chinese, Indiana University-South Bend

Co-investigator, spirituality and visual attention, Indiana University-South Bend

Primary investigator, developing conceptions of personhood in China Project, Fuller School of Graduate Studies, University of Oxford, Chinese Academy of Sciences

Research coordinator and co-investigator, developing of religious concepts in Indonesia study, University of Pittsburgh, University of Gadjah Mada in Indonesia

Visiting Lecturer, Indiana University-South Bend

Teaching Fellow, University of Pittsburgh

Research Fellowship, Center for Christian Thought, Biola University

Science of Immortality Project Grant, University of California-Riverside

Critical Language Scholarship Alumni Development Fund Grant, U.S. State Department

Is Religion Natural?: The Chinese Challenge Project Grant, Templeton World Charity Foundation

Critical Language Scholarship, U.S. State Department

Cognition, Religion and Theology Project Grant, University of Oxford

Fulbright Student Research Grant, U.S. State Department