Political Science

The political science minor satisfies state secondary teaching endorsement requirements in American government, if all elective hours are in classes designated American politics. Students must also complete the requirements of the secondary education program. See the education department listing for requirements.

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Minor requirements

Political science electives: 4 credits
PSC 101SS - American Government
(4 credits)(IGE option under Self and Society) A broad survey of the major political and governmental institutions in the United States, this course examines how citizens attempt to influence their government and how the government responds. The course also develops the foundations for a biblical perspective on the role of government and the task of citizens.
PSC 320 - Christians and the Political Order
This course centers on the implications of the Christian faith for Christians in the political order. We will explore historical and current Christian interpretations of the role of government in society, distilling biblical values which undergird them. Prerequisite: junior standing, or permission of the instructor. (4 credits, alternate years, consult department) (American politics)
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PSC 230 - International Relations
An introduction to basic concepts in the study of the modern states system. We will study especially the problem of war and diplomacy in an "anarchical society." In addition, we will explore some Christian perspectives on the theory and practice of international relations, especially the contested concept of sovereignty. (4 credits, alternate years, consult department)
PSC 235 - Comparative Politics
A broad survey of politics, political change, political institutions and public policy in several selected countries from different continents. Contrasts with the United States are emphasized and special attention is paid to historical development, ideological, religious and social factors. (4 credits)
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PSC 310WI - History of Political Thought
(4 credits)(Writing intensive) A survey of the history of Westernpolitical thought, through study of selected major thinkers in thetradition. Emphasis will be placed both on each thinker's politicaltheory and how it fits in with the broader history of Western politicalthought.
PSC 325 - American Political Thought
A survey of the historical development of American political thought with attention to significant American political thinkers from the colonial period to the present. Special emphasis will be given to the uneasy relationship between liberalism and democracy and the interaction between American political institutions and culture. (4 credits, non-yearly, consult department) (American politics)

Total credits required: 20