Philosophy programs

Your philosophy course options will include creative classes like Philosophy and Science Fiction or Minds and Machines. You’ll get to know your professors and peers through lively discussion as you explore ethics, logic, morality, reality, the mind, and what it means to know and be.

Philosophy Major

Philosophy electives 12
PHI 202 - Logic
PHI 333 - Philosophy and Christianity
PHI 450 - Senior Thesis
Choose one course: 4
PHI 200BR - Ethics
PHI 214BR - Contemporary Moral Issues
Choose two courses: 8
PHI 225 - Ancient Greek Philosophy
PHI 226 - Medieval Philosophy
PHI 227BR - Modern Philosophy
PHI 229 - Twentieth-Century Philosophy
Total credits required: 34


Majors are required to take at least 8 credits of 300-level (and above) in elective courses.