Ruth Daumer Associate Professor of Nursing; Department Chair


Ed.D., University of South Dakota
M.S.N., University of Nebraska
B.S.N., Briar Cliff University
A.A.S., Purdue University, PHCNS-ARP, FCN


Dr. Daumer has more than 25 years experience in nursing and academia and in developing strategic partnerships with practice and faith-based settings. She is licensed as an advanced practice nurse/clinical specialist in community health nursing and frequently presents on faith and health research. Her research focuses on the relationship between faith and health, Christian foundations of nursing and the experience of clergy health. Dr. Daumer coordinates a parish nurse ministry at Faith Lutheran Church in Orange City. She leads whole person health programs for professional church workers and their families in western Iowa.

NUR350 - Promoting Shalom with Cross-Cultural Populations

Based on a Christian worldview, this 1- credit seminar examines transcultural nursing theory from a theoretical, scientific and ethical perspective, along with logistics for the in-country experience, dimensions of global health care and social justice. Emphasis is placed on cultural values, beliefs, norms and practices and their influence on the lived experience of health and illness. Within a context that honors nursing as a human science, performing art and healing ministry to promote shalom with diverse clients in acute care and/or community-based settings, the in-country experience provides students opportunities to explore and engage another culture and participate in the nursing and health care delivery system. Learning experiences include service-learning, experiential learning and faith reflection. Prerequisites: NUR220 and PHI214 (1 credit)

NUR420 - Nursing Science and Informatics

Based on a Christian worldview, this course examines the epistemological (theoretical, scientific and ethical) foundation of nursing as a human science, specifically as an approach to promote shalom and social justice. It surveys the types, methods and uses of research and informatics to enhance client outcomes and to deliver holistic nursing care for all clients and at all levels of prevention. The course emphasizes the knowledge and aptitudes needed by professional nurses to manage and utilize health care information and related technologies, critically evaluate research studies and integrate evidence in all phases of the nursing process. In the practicum, students analyze a variety of health care technologies and present an evidence-based practice project. Prerequisites: Nursing major with senior class standing, ENG184/288, KIN370, MAT208 and SOC101. Concurrent requisite: NUR440. (3 credits, 2:1)

NUR460 - Nursing Leadership and Clinical Scholarship

(4 credits, 3:1)Based on a Christian worldview, this course explores the leadership, management, role development and clinical scholarship dimensions of professional nursing practice, with a distinctive emphasis on promoting shalom, servant leadership, social justice and sociopolitical change. Students will analyze the health care system at a microsystem, macrosystem and chronosystem level, focusing on national health care but also exploring global health issues. Foundational to this exploration is an analysis of the relationship of personal, professional and organizational values and ethics to health care leadership roles and activities. Clinical scholarship is emphasized as a moral duty of Christian nurses committed to continuing Jesus' healing ministry. The practicum component provides an opportunity for students to observe (a) the role played by a nurse servant leader and (b) engage in a leadership project as a basis for clinical scholarship. Learning experiences include service-learning, faith reflection and practicum experiences. This course is 1 or 2 speech intensive nursing courses. Prerequisites: NUR420 and NUR440. Concurrent prerequisites: NUR480 and NUR490. A fee is associated with this course.

NUR490 - Living Shalom

Based on a Christian worldview, this course explores finding one's place in God's kingdom for now and eternity, living vocation, integrating values and ethics in personal and professional realms and living shalom. Within this capstone seminar, students assess their knowledge and aptitudes related to the program outcomes and integrate them in their philosophy of Christian nursing. Supported by a vocation-based philosophy, the course also prepares graduating seniors to live their vocation, write the NCLEX-RN examination, secure their first professional nursing position and practice in their first nursing position. Prerequisites: NUR420 and NUR440. Concurrent requisites: NUR460 and NUR480. (1 credit)

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The International Association for the Promotion of Christian Higher Education (2008 to the present)

Society for Spirituality, Theology and Health (2007 to the present)

Health Ministries Association (2007 to the present)

Nurses’ Christian Fellowship (2005 to the present)

Zeta Zeta chapter of Sigma Theta Tau, the international honor society of nursing (1985 to the present)