Dr. Michelle Van Wyhe Associate Professor of Nursing

MichelleVan Wyhe

D.N.P., South Dakota State University
M.S., South Dakota State University
B.A., Augustana College

712-707-7463 Dept of Nursing; 712-707-7321 Wellness Center
WRSM 5/RSC 103

Dr. Van Wyhe teaches in the nursing department and also serves as a nurse practitioner for Northwestern's Wellness Center. A board-certified advanced registered nurse practitioner, she provided O.B. and medical-surgical care for Orange City Area Health System. She also served as Early Head Start health coordinator for Mid-Sioux Opportunity in Remsen, Iowa, and as an R.N. at St. Luke’s Hospital in Sioux City, Iowa. Van Wyhe holds a master of science degree in nursing, with a family nurse practitioner emphasis, and a Doctor of Nursing Practice degree from South Dakota State University.

NUR280 - Lifespan Health Assessment

(3 credits, 2:1)Based on a Christian worldview, this course provides an opportunity for students to develop their understanding and use of the nursing process, with a focus on the relationship development and assessment phases. Informed by a Christian world view, emphasis is placed on performing holistic assessment of pediatric and adult clients including the physiological, psychological, sociocultural, spiritual and moral/ethical dimensions. Laboratory practice precedes clinical application in a variety of health care and community settings. In the clinical component, students develop aptitudes in relationship development and holistic assessment of pediatric and adult individual clients to develop clinical judgment and promote shalom. Prerequisite: Admission to the BSN program. Concurrent requisite: NUR220. A fee is associated with this course.

NUR360 - Maternal/Newborn Nursing

Based on a Christian worldview, this course examines the theoretical, scientific and ethical basis for the application of the nursing process with diverse normal and high-risk childbearing families. Emphasis is placed on nursing as a human science, performing art and healing ministry to promote shalom with parents and children. The clinical component provides an opportunity for nursing practice in acute care and selected community-based settings, assisting students to integrate knowledge, aptitudes and compassionate care in health promotion and restoration activities and in living the three nursing practice dimensions. Learning experiences include service-learning, faith reflection, laboratory practicum and clinical experiences. Prerequisite: NUR320. Concurrent requisites: NUR380. (3 credits, 2:1)

NUR430 - Pediatric Nursing

A fee is associated with this course.

Van Wyhe, M. (2015). Vocation of faith: The influence of mother teresa on christian nursing, part 1. Journal of Christian Nursing, 32(2), 124.

Registered Nurse, Orange City Hospital, Orange City, Iowa

Early Head Start Health Coordinator, Mid-Sioux Opportunity, Remsen, Iowa

Registered Nurse, St. Luke's Hospital, Sioux City, Iowa

Iowa Nurse Practitioner Society

ANCC Board Certified Family Nurse Practitioner

Sigma Theta Tau Honor Society of Nursing