Worship Arts

The minor in worship arts is for those who are called to plan and lead Christian worship. These leaders empower other servants of worship, especially in the areas of communication and the arts.

This minor prepares you to lead worship in a part-time or volunteer capacity. This program would also be a fantastic pairing for someone planning for a vocation in ministry, students hoping to attend seminary, or anyone studying youth ministry, religion, music, art, theatre, or more. By the conclusion of this minor, you will be equipped to articulate a biblical theology of worship, plan and lead a season of worship services, and organize a team of fellow servant artists.

Worship arts leaders are called to be well-rounded visionaries, and the Northwestern Core program is a vital part of the preparation of our future leaders for the church. The worship arts curriculum is built on courses in biblical theology, worship theory, and artistic tasks specifically related to leading worship within the 21st century evangelical church.


BTS345 - Theology of Worship
(4 credits; alternate years, consult department) The purpose of this course is to thoughtfully examine the biblical, theological, and historical foundations of Christian worship, as well as the contemporary issues facing pastors and worship leaders in the 21st century. An important part of this discussion will be the exploration of worship skills and practices through reflection and participation, as well as the creation of liturgies for a variety of worship services. Prerequisite: BTS250.
MUS101 - Music Fundamentals
(2 credits) This course provides training in basic musical skills including concepts of pitch, rhythm and time signatures, scales and key signatures, intervals, triads and seventh chords and rules for part writing. It also provides an introduction to aural skills and to understanding Christian approaches to music and music-making. Note: Includes 1 1/2 hours of lab per week. Does not count toward a music major or minor.
WOR 233x - Leading Worship Teams
(3 credits; alternate years, consult department) This course covers several interconnected practical aspects of worship ministry, built upon an articulate and sound personal philosophy of arts in worship. This course explores leadership skills necessary for working with volunteers, providing pastoral care for team members, preparing for and leading rehearsals, and handling budgets and copyright issues. Students will practice planning, leading, and then evaluating worship services. The course includes methods of teaching and coaching the various instruments (including singers) used in music worship bands, with an introduction to the technical aspects of each instrument and the roles these instruments play within a properly functioning band. Cross-Referenced: Cross-referenced in music.
THE305 - Story and Worship
(4 credits, alternate years, consult department) Christian worship, at its core, is remembering the story of God. This includes biblical stories, personal narratives, the Liturgical Year, church history (global and local), and the story journey of each worship service. This course asks why the church must tell its stories and provides specific tools for including stories within worship. This course is not primarily focused on storytelling as drama, but the role of the dramatic arts will not be overlooked. Students will be invited to seriously consider that the ancient Hebrew people had a dramatic anthology, and the class will examine together practical tools for restaging those biblical works for contemporary culture.
WOR 220WI - Worship Words
(4 credits) A course about artful language for faithful ministry, particularly words chosen and spoken for Christian worship. Students will analyze some of the primary uses of words within worship (biblical texts, song lyrics, prayers, faith stories, sermons, invitations, transitions, announcements, blessings) and will practice writing and speaking beautiful words.
WOR350 - Worship Technology
(4 credits) This course will equip church leaders to gracefully and effectively communicate with the people who operate technology in corporate worship. Students will cover the equipment, tools, and methods used in many churches always asking how each element serves the body of Christ.
WOR405 - Practicum in Worship Arts
(2 credits) Each worship arts student will be placed in relationship with a church or parachurch ministry to gain hands on experience in worship arts. Prerequisite: must be taken during last three terms prior to graduation or by permission of instructor. Note: graded on a pass/no pass basis.

Total credits required: 22