Wayne Westenberg '79 Associate Professor of Mathematics Education

WayneWestenberg '79

Ed. D., University of South Dakota
M.A., University of South Dakota
B.A., Northwestern College

VPH 128

Experienced in teaching at the middle school, high school and collegiate levels, Dr. Westenberg specializes in math education. As a former high school math instructor, he teaches the methods courses for Northwestern’s mathematics teaching major, as well as statistics, algebra and calculus classes. He also serves as an assistant coach for Northwestern's volleyball team.

MAT105QR - Topics in Contemporary Mathematics

This course will explore a variety of mathematical topics arising intoday's technological society and include a historical component ofmathematical developments. Possible topics include exposure to bothsymbolic and verbal logic, set notation, statistics, and finance. Aprimary goal will be to introduce, view, and gain a deeper appreciationfor a broad panorama of mathematical fields and how each field has beenutilized to help shape today's culture. Prerequisite: C- or better in MAT090 or an ACT math score of 20 or above(SAT 480 or above), or a passing score on basic algebra placement exam. (3 credits)(NWCore option under Quantitative Reasoning)

MAT107 - Mathematics for Elementary Teachers

A study of those topics necessary and helpful for competent and enthusiasticteaching of mathematics in the elementary school, including some history ofmathematics, development of number systems, number bases, sets, logic and reasoning, geometry, data analysis, and probability.Note: Course enrollment is limited to education majors and does not count toward a math major or mathminor. Prerequisite: grade of C- or better in MAT090, ACT math score of atleast 20 (SAT math 480), or a passing score on the MAT090 placement exam.(3 credits)(NWCore option under Quantitative Reasoning)

MAT112QR - Calculus I

This course is a study of functions, limits, derivatives and integrals with a strongemphasis on both theory and applications.Note: Meets four times per week.Prerequisites: C- or higher in MAT109, or an ACT math score of at least24 (SAT 550 or above), or permission of mathematics department chair.(4 credits) (NWCore option under Quantitative Reasoning)

MAT117QR - Applied Statistics for Management

The course is designed to study statistical methodology commonly used in business including descriptive statistics (the nature of data and how to summarize it), basic probability concepts, and inferential statistics (making claims or decisions from one or more sets of data using confidence intervals and multiple types of hypothesis testing).Note: Students may receive credit for only one course among MAT116QR, MAT117QR and MAT208QR.Prerequisites: C- or better in MAT090, an ACT math score of 20 or above (SAT 480 or above), a passing score on the basic algebra placement exam, or permission of instructor.(3 credits)(NWCore option under Quantitative Reasoning)

MAT308 - Methods of Teaching Secondary School Mathematics

Content, techniques and materials for teaching mathematics at the secondary or junior high level. This course requires a30-hour practicum and is required of each candidate seeking anendorsement in this content area. Notes: Does not count toward a major or minor in mathematics. Students must earn a "C" or better in the special methods course in orderto fulfill program requirements for secondary licensure. Prerequisite: Junior or senior class standing. (3 credits, alternate years, consult department)

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