Sport Management

The career concentration in sport management will help prepare you for a wide variety of careers in sport-related positions. The program is interdisciplinary and has required coursework from the disciplines of kinesiology, accounting, business, economics, mathematics and computer science. The courses will provide foundational and applied areas of study, in addition to practical experiences and internships. This career concentration will complement the educational preparation of students majoring in business administration and public relations who desire employment in the sports industry.

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Required courses:

ACC 215 - Principles of Financial Accounting
(4 credits) This course covers the basic introduction to financial management and financial accounting, including an understanding of the concepts, principles and practices in these areas.
BUS 200 - Principles of Marketing
(3 credits) This course introduces students to marketing terminology; defines the elements necessary in moving a product, service or idea from concept to market sales; and enables students to understand and replicate the marketing process at an entry level.
CSC 102 - Business Computing
This course serves as an introduction to common business- oriented computer technologies and issues. Computer applications, misuse and the ethical use of computers in business are explored in detail. Current software applications are studied through laboratories, demonstrations and assignments. Students will learn advanced uses of application programs including spreadsheet processing and information processing with databases.(2 credits)
KIN 182 - Introduction to Sport Management
This course introduces students to the sport and fitness industry, the wide range of career opportunities involving sport, and the social and economic impact of sports on our culture. The course content includes theoretical and applied foundations of sport management. Topics include history of the profession, the need for management and organizational skills, current trends, and future issues.  (2 credits)
KIN 229 - Leadership in Sport Management
This course introduces students to the management and leadership opportunities and skills required in the sport and fitness industry. The applied skills of organizational planning, human resource management, problem solving, communication and motivation in a sport leadership context are the primary focus in this course. (3 credits; alternate years, consult department)
KIN 241 - Directed Field Experience in Kinesiology I
Provides exposure to a variety of careers related to fitness, therapy, or sport management. Prerequisite: KIN180 or 182. (1 credit)
KIN 320 - Legal and Ethical Issues in Sport
No course description available.
KIN 341 - Directed Field Experience in Kinesiology II
Provides practical work experience in fitness, therapy, or sport management settings. Prerequisite: KIN241. (1 credit)
KIN 360CC - Sport in Societies
(4 credits)(NWCore option under Cross-Cultural Engagement) A cross-cultural comparison of the relationship between sport and society. The primary emphasis will be the comparison of sport in the United States with sport in selected cultures, while attempting to develop a Christian worldview of sport. Prerequisite: sophomore class standing.
KIN 415 - Seminar in Sport Management
This course is intended as a capstone integrative experience for the sport management majors and minor students. Topics discussed will provide a comprehensive analysis of the sport management field. (2 credits; alternate years, consult department)
KIN 417 - Internship
(4 credits may apply toward the major)

Total credits required: 30

Note: Internships range from 2-12 credits. The maximum credits applied to the major is noted under the 417 course designation.